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صابون حلب
Performance installation /Citygates / 2017

صابون حلب, video performance, Citygates, 2017

حلب صابو presents the prints until the ink runs out, of five engravings representing the ruins of Aleppo. The compositions come from the deliberately chaotic assemblage of countless press images of the conflict. During the performance - which originally took place in an old soap factory - the dies, inked once, are printed by hand using Aleppo soap in the manner of the spoon technique. The use of Aleppo soap as a printing and erasing tool symbolizes the disappearance of the city as well as the desire to wash away the disasters of war and the overflow of media images.


{1} Seal of the manufacturer of an Aleppo soap factory.


صابون حلب
woodcut/ 2017

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