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7 sins of capitalism
Installation-performance / 2019 - 2020

The 7 Sins of Capitalism series questions a breathless society through the timeless prism of deadly sins. By placing their performance installation on the scale of a city, Camille Dufour and Rafaël Klepfisch reconnect with the origins of printmaking as a popular means of reproduction and communication. This urban display project intends hundreds of original engravings to be completed or taken away by passers-by. Each Sin - printed in one hundred copies - is made up of two woodcuts. One, pictorial teeming with details, irony and darkness (produced by Camille Dufour); the other textual (produced by Rafaël Klepfisch) , offers a space for public expression. Both a reference to the news plastered in times of social unrest and an attempt to infringe the dominant images, the engravings - hung in bus shelters, station corridors and vacant places - are an attempt to relate the work to another audience. Also, at a time when the Covid crisis is pulling us away from each other and when the digital age continues to flourish, the project is keen to reconnect with the materiality of exchanges and the circulation of original works.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

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