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Eaux troubles

Xylography / 2015


Nine wooden boards adapted to the press dimensions are assembled into a single monumental engraving. Each fragment, set aside, can also be viewed independently.


The engraving is born of a fierce hand-to-hand fight with the wood. Beyond the consciousness, thought flows back to the invading waste produced by the gouge alternately enchained and then unleashed. A network of complex and dreamlike signs gradually reveals itself; between the figures, the metamorphoses take place by excrescence, accident, variation of scale and plan.


I am gathered a quantity of documents mixing reproductions of works of art, press photos and personal images. These images are for me a raw material that serves not only as a landmark but also triggers another reality in the eyes. Once assembled, these images, originally without apparent logical connections, ask new questions of intelligibility.

Camille Dufour ©

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