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7 sins of capitalism
Installation-performance / Pinguin Space / Brussels / 2020

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The 7 Sins of Capitalism series questions a breathless society through the timeless prism of deadly sins. By placing their performance installation on the scale of a city, Camille Dufour and Rafaël Klepfisch reconnect with the origins of printmaking as a popular means of reproduction and communication. This urban display project intends hundreds of original prints to be completed or taken away by passers-by.


Each Sin - printed in one hundred copies - is made up of two woodcuts. One, pictorial teeming with details, irony and darkness; the other textual, offers a space of public expression.  Both a reference to the news plastered in times of social unrest and an attempt to infringe the dominant images, the engravings - hung in bus shelters, station corridors and vacant places - are an attempt to relate the work to another audience.  

In October 2019, the first urban display took place in the street of Brussels in a wild way. Camille Dufour and Rafaël Klepfisch hang a hundred Orgueil engravings in the street. In December, they repeat the performance with Gourmandise I & II. In March, the project, which caught the attention of curators Ilan Weiss and Nadia Arab, is on display at Pinguin Space. On this occasion, spectators are invited to display Envie I & II themselves in the street. A few weeks later, the Covid-19 temporarily prevents the duo from continuing to display in Brussels.


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