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Eaux Anonymes
Installation-performance / 2022

Camille Dufour prints an engraving the size of a tombstone until the ink runs out, crushing flower petals on the back of the canvas. Eaux anonymes is akin to a funeral rite. The matrix from which the bodies buried in the sea emerge is a tribute to the thousands of drowned refugees. The erasure of the engraved motif engages a work of mourning, while the ink gradually fades on the front, the image printed on the back with the pigments of crushed flowers remains as a commemoration to the deceased.

This work was exhibited at the Château d'Ursel for the exhibition Print and paint 350 jaar bloemen op katoen, at the Carrefour des arts, in Saint-trond for the exhibition Frans Masereel in dialogue with Caroline Coolen, Tom Liekens and Camille Dufour and at the Espace Vanderborght in November 2022.

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