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Empreinte carbone
Installation-performance / 2021 - 2022

Empreinte carbone presents a series of woodcuts linking portraits to environmental issues. During the activation at the Delta in Namur, Camille Dufour and Rafaël Klepfisch printed the first twenty engravings of the series in one hundred copies in the exhibition space. The thousands of original engravings are then distributed by the artists in as many letterboxes throughout the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. The project proposes to think about climate change collectively by means of a vast epistolary correspondence. Each print offered is accompanied by a question and a pre-stamped reply card that allows recipients to send their thoughts, feelings and reactions in return. Empreinte carbone intends to run a democratic art project. All the responses are displayed in the exhibition space as they come in, in the manner of a large consultation. The four hundred responses received form the basis for a future edition. At a time when the digitisation of our societies tends to distance us from one another, the project bears the desire to reconnect with the materiality of exchanges and a form of collective knowledge of the sensitive. In an ultra-connected world where everything circulates, where everything is said but nothing ever seems to be acted upon, the series attempts to slow down the mode of circulation of images in favour of a participatory process that invites us to take our time. Empreinte carbone was also supported and presented at the Carrefour des Arts in June 2022.

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