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La Montagne des rêves évanouis

Xylography / 2016

La montagne des rêves évanouis, xylography, 474 x 122 cm, 2016

The prints are haunted by the ascent of the Everest of George Mallory and his disappearance during his expedition. Its history takes the form of a modern myth, that of a man whose hubris consists in wanting to dominate the roof of the world.


In the presence of a suspended time, the mountain organizes the space on which the bodies bend, rise, merge. The eye is attracted in complex circulations. From afar, you can feel a mythical thread, a stream of waves and forces, but you have to come closer to see the fragments of an exploded history, the vision engulfed by detailed, scattered and mobile elements.


The line is a first movement: a movement without hesitation or retouching. I compose my plate from the first cut which will be the axis around which the image is organized, I start from the bottom of the plate to get to the top. It is a groping ascent, in close combat with the wood, this mountain in the company of Mallory.

Camille Dufour © / Photography : Rafaël Klepfisch ©

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